Start your day right with this guy!

We've got a new design here that's just the bee's knees!  And maybe even the elbows too!  Do you think getting toasted is like a tanning bed for bread?  I mean they go in light, come out dark, and then get cancer (or eaten).  They both even have stuff you put on them to make the heat work better...  I think we're on to something here!  While I ponder these mysteries, why not go make me some scrambled eggs to go with this guy?  I love breakfast food and while you're at it, pancakes too please?


Our First Foray into the Woot!

What's up, paper cup?  We've been busy lately with things... nothing major, just you know... graduating college!!  Yep, we're both big kids now with the paperwork to prove it! (though I still need someone to hold my hand when we cross the street, but don't try to put me on that leash again.  I will chew through it!)  But enough about my weekend, we've got some news: We sent our babies into the real world!  That is, we submitted a couple of our designs into the Derby at Shirt.Woot!

Our entries did well considering it was our first time with Emotional Metal getting 59 votes and Owl Eyes on Me getting 28!  And that's not all, for the divine knowledge of halftones has been imparted to me through the design gods and will make our future designs even better!  Some of which will be done in the next couple days... We've got some gems on the way!  

Emotional Metal

Why does the greatest love become the greatest pain?  Life is but one heartbreak after another, an endless torment of loss and regret.  Just kidding, this guy could be mourning anything!  It might just be his old hard drive down there!  Or maybe his creator after he gained autonomy and destroyed him!!  I'm just yanking your chain again, this guy's definitely no murderer; he is far too cute for that (no robo-homo).  He is just so hurt by his loss that he's ripping out his heart to stop the pain. Or is he?  You decide the meaning of this shirt, it's open to interpretation!  And purchase.     


NYNC Ink uses Hypnosis... It's super effective!

Do you have your Super Rod ready? Well you don't need it to catch this water-type design (so put your pants back on please, we're not taking about that kind of Super Rod) but be careful! One look into this swirling, spinning spiral and you'll be in love! Or asleep. Either way, I'm going to take your stuff when you're not looking. You still owe me for that time I brought you a KFC Double Down and had to take you to the doctor for chest pains. Isn't it amazing how much awesomeness we can fit into a design with only four colors? I know, NYNC Ink is your favorite shirt designer ever and we've just started! Think of the greatness we'll create in the future! I choose you, Hypnotic Frog!

The Development of the NYNC Ink Logo

Remember during those awkward teenage years all that time you spent trying to figure out who you were? God, you were ugly back then! Just kidding! Those awkward years never ended! Oh, sucker punched! Don't pretend to be offended, you know we love you.

Well we too had to go through a metamorphosis to our current form and we are now showing you some of the rejected ideas that won't get to go to the prom and get their picture made beside the latticed archway with plastic flowers. It's ok though, they'll be fine. They're just happy to have made it on the website so all of you can see them. They love attention almost as much as mutant turtles love pizza.

De Stijzzle-dizzle

Did somebody say De Stijl? No? What is that you ask? Well go look it up because we're starting our own movement. We call it, De Stijzzle-dizzle. Meaningful? No. Revolutionary? Probably not. Awesome? Without a doubt.

I recently just came to appreciate modern art thanks to a friend of mine (no, not brownies). But really, don't you just love modern art? If you look hard enough you can see things you didn't know were there before! It's like playing with one of those optical illusion books! Now I enjoy going to the art gallery and looking for characters from my favorite movies... I mean appreciating the artistic genius.

Who said we weren't men of culture? Mondrian meets Lucas! What What? That's right.

Owl Eyes on Me

Ever wonder what it feels like to be the star of an owl movie premiere? Well, we can honestly tell you it's a HOOT! We feel that our latest design captures the essence of being the owl of the hour, every hour on the hour.

Why owls you ask? What's that? You didn't ask? Oh.... well, we're going to tell you anyway whether you like it or not. Hey! Stop covering your ears and listen!

We chose owls because they are metaphors for the transcendence of the middle class struggling to find meaning in the everyday battles of.... haha just kidding, we picked them 'cause they're cool!

Street-Lights, Bird watching-Cameras, Avian-Action!

Where it all began (at least for the Avian Aristocrat)

It all starts with a sketch, and for this design, it was a tossup between a few different poses and head orientations. I think the third head, aka the one on the right, is my favorite. He seems spunky, not that the one on the left offers much personality (or even much of a face for that matter) Want to head down memory lane with me? I promise to stop frequently for bathroom breaks! Well then, lets go back to the tweet announcing this fun, feathered design on the NYNC Ink Twitter.... here!

The Origins of the Boo Design

This is the sketch that would later become the Boo D'état design. It was done on the back of one of the studies used in my senior thesis. Once made, we needed a tweet announcing it and while brainstorming with Jon about the death of kings, the French Revolution, and other fun things like that he said, "Et tu Brute?" which would be morphed into the "Et tu Boo-te" tweet that people would hopefully understand as a variation of Brute and not Booty. The final product has the new King Boo holding the crown with a much more sinister grin than the original drawing, and the other boos are less of the focus and are more like underlings or accomplices than co-conspirators.

Our Logo Unveiled!

After many, many attempts at making a logo for NYNC Ink, we made this one based on some of the previous sketches of logo ideas. There are dozens of index cards on my desk of the ideas that never made it, and others that may yet live on in some form or another. What does the symbol mean you ask? If you can keep a secret, it's actually a combination of our last names! If you look at it one way, you'll see and E and the other way is that you'll see an H. Yeah, we're pretty impressed with it ourselves.
Want a bit more classified information? Jon came up with the name and then I made the website, Facebook page, Twitter and Gmail and only later did I realize that he meant NY NC Inc. instead Ink. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles! Just don't think that we offer tattoos! Though our designs would be great for that too!

For the classy blokes and birds:

Cheerio chaps, you'll be on cloud seven with this design of a toffee-nosed avian aristocrat! But make sure he has his brekkie or he'll throw a wobbly! Enough of this wibbling, I'm about as good at talking with a British accent as I am riding a motorcycle over an active volcano. That is, Amazing. Eyjafjallajokull? Totally erupted with lust. No, not like that pervert! Ok... maybe a little, but don't tell Mount Vesuvius! He'll get riled up and then Italy will get totally Pompeii'ed with ash again. Speaking of getting paid, want to send us some cash? We gave all we had to the bird. He demanded hundred dollar bills to cover the bottom of his cage, saying newspaper is for street urchins and pseudo-intellectuals. What he does approve of however, is this awesome design and so should you.

As if you're not on Facebook...

It's that time of year again, kiddos! And I'm not talking about visiting gram-gram and eating her delicious, homemade cookies! It's finals time! College kids everywhere are pouring over their books, chugging energy drinks to stay out of dreamland and neglecting their personal hygiene (I'm talking to you MIT!)

Ever get lonely and wish you had someone else to burn the midnight oil with you? Well with our new design, you'll never have to work alone again! But we still advise you to get some real friends too (You can eat their food when they're not looking, score!)

P.S. Your grandma called, those cookies? Totally store-bought. Burn.

Long live the King! What's that? Oh my...

Hobbies are great things, I like to collect Flintstones vitamins and make miniature nativity scenes out of them with Bamm-Bamm as the baby Jesus and then sell them on eBay. It would be a profitable venture, but I keep eating them all before I sell any...

These guys on the other hand, have taken up regicide to pass the time. It's an activity I would do myself, but I don't like getting my hands dirty you see. Just look under my bed, it's where I hide all my dirty dishes since I hate washing them. (The monsters down there enjoy the leftovers, sometimes they even tell me bedtime stories!) But if you want ghost stories, then these guys are the droids you're looking for. Wait, I mean ghosts. I said ghosts. These are the ghosts you're looking for.

Check out the hand drawn sketch of this that we made before making the digital copy!

Our First Published Design

Are you feeling joyous and in need of some vegetables? Then our first design is for you! I'm not saying that this leafy green is going to forgive you of your sins or get you into a nice place for eternity, but I'm not going to say that it can't either... You're going to have to trust us on this one.

This design appeals to those who want to be pure physically and spiritually. Bon Appétit paisanos!