For the classy blokes and birds:

Cheerio chaps, you'll be on cloud seven with this design of a toffee-nosed avian aristocrat! But make sure he has his brekkie or he'll throw a wobbly! Enough of this wibbling, I'm about as good at talking with a British accent as I am riding a motorcycle over an active volcano. That is, Amazing. Eyjafjallajokull? Totally erupted with lust. No, not like that pervert! Ok... maybe a little, but don't tell Mount Vesuvius! He'll get riled up and then Italy will get totally Pompeii'ed with ash again. Speaking of getting paid, want to send us some cash? We gave all we had to the bird. He demanded hundred dollar bills to cover the bottom of his cage, saying newspaper is for street urchins and pseudo-intellectuals. What he does approve of however, is this awesome design and so should you.


  1. Wipe that bird food away from your mouth and let us know what you think.

  2. Teehee, this is my favorite so far!