NYNC Ink uses Hypnosis... It's super effective!

Do you have your Super Rod ready? Well you don't need it to catch this water-type design (so put your pants back on please, we're not taking about that kind of Super Rod) but be careful! One look into this swirling, spinning spiral and you'll be in love! Or asleep. Either way, I'm going to take your stuff when you're not looking. You still owe me for that time I brought you a KFC Double Down and had to take you to the doctor for chest pains. Isn't it amazing how much awesomeness we can fit into a design with only four colors? I know, NYNC Ink is your favorite shirt designer ever and we've just started! Think of the greatness we'll create in the future! I choose you, Hypnotic Frog!

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  1. So people are liking this, but no one's talking! What's on your mind with this design? What do you like and not like about it?