The Development of the NYNC Ink Logo

Remember during those awkward teenage years all that time you spent trying to figure out who you were? God, you were ugly back then! Just kidding! Those awkward years never ended! Oh, sucker punched! Don't pretend to be offended, you know we love you.

Well we too had to go through a metamorphosis to our current form and we are now showing you some of the rejected ideas that won't get to go to the prom and get their picture made beside the latticed archway with plastic flowers. It's ok though, they'll be fine. They're just happy to have made it on the website so all of you can see them. They love attention almost as much as mutant turtles love pizza.

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  1. Do you think we made the right choice? Do you like one of the other designs better? Let us know! Or we'll kidnap all your garden gnomes!