De Stijzzle-dizzle

Did somebody say De Stijl? No? What is that you ask? Well go look it up because we're starting our own movement. We call it, De Stijzzle-dizzle. Meaningful? No. Revolutionary? Probably not. Awesome? Without a doubt.

I recently just came to appreciate modern art thanks to a friend of mine (no, not brownies). But really, don't you just love modern art? If you look hard enough you can see things you didn't know were there before! It's like playing with one of those optical illusion books! Now I enjoy going to the art gallery and looking for characters from my favorite movies... I mean appreciating the artistic genius.

Who said we weren't men of culture? Mondrian meets Lucas! What What? That's right.

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  1. Do you like dog walkers? Chicken walkers? Chicken sandwiches? We want to hear about it!