Long live the King! What's that? Oh my...

Hobbies are great things, I like to collect Flintstones vitamins and make miniature nativity scenes out of them with Bamm-Bamm as the baby Jesus and then sell them on eBay. It would be a profitable venture, but I keep eating them all before I sell any...

These guys on the other hand, have taken up regicide to pass the time. It's an activity I would do myself, but I don't like getting my hands dirty you see. Just look under my bed, it's where I hide all my dirty dishes since I hate washing them. (The monsters down there enjoy the leftovers, sometimes they even tell me bedtime stories!) But if you want ghost stories, then these guys are the droids you're looking for. Wait, I mean ghosts. I said ghosts. These are the ghosts you're looking for.

Check out the hand drawn sketch of this that we made before making the digital copy!


  1. As always, we love feedback. And sandwiches! So why not give us both with a compliment sandwich?

  2. I think your accent is facing the wrong way, says Hannah who is taking French.

  3. Well, well, well... Wikipedia says otherwise and the internet never lies so we're sticking with this one.