The Origins of the Boo Design

This is the sketch that would later become the Boo D'état design. It was done on the back of one of the studies used in my senior thesis. Once made, we needed a tweet announcing it and while brainstorming with Jon about the death of kings, the French Revolution, and other fun things like that he said, "Et tu Brute?" which would be morphed into the "Et tu Boo-te" tweet that people would hopefully understand as a variation of Brute and not Booty. The final product has the new King Boo holding the crown with a much more sinister grin than the original drawing, and the other boos are less of the focus and are more like underlings or accomplices than co-conspirators.

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  1. Do you guys like getting a "Behind the Scenes" post? If not, we can delete them and go back to the wondrous production style where the images simply come from the heavens without a history. That way you can make your own story as to how it came to be!