Our First Foray into the Woot!

What's up, paper cup?  We've been busy lately with things... nothing major, just you know... graduating college!!  Yep, we're both big kids now with the paperwork to prove it! (though I still need someone to hold my hand when we cross the street, but don't try to put me on that leash again.  I will chew through it!)  But enough about my weekend, we've got some news: We sent our babies into the real world!  That is, we submitted a couple of our designs into the Derby at Shirt.Woot!

Our entries did well considering it was our first time with Emotional Metal getting 59 votes and Owl Eyes on Me getting 28!  And that's not all, for the divine knowledge of halftones has been imparted to me through the design gods and will make our future designs even better!  Some of which will be done in the next couple days... We've got some gems on the way!  

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  1. Do you like us more now that we have diplomas? Or less? And do you like your pb&js with crusts or without?